Love What You Do: Your Daily Reminder to Follow Your Passions

Love What You Do: Your Daily Reminder to Follow Your Passions

There’s a saying that goes, “When you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life!” Studies validate this statement by showing higher job satisfaction rates in workers who are in their preferred occupations. This supports the idea that a job you love is far more fulfilling than the one that gives you larger-than-life gains. 

More often than not, we are immersed in the hustle and bustle of life. Our day-to-day tasks keep us engaged during the days – months, years, and sometimes during our entire life. We keep handling projects after another and achieve milestones in our careers. While we do get our fair share of happiness, the passions that set vigor within us seem to fade over time. This process is so subtle that none of us gets to the gist of it until time slips away from us, and suddenly, it’s too late.  

Phrases like ‘live in the moment,’ ‘stay optimistic,’ and ‘follow your passion’ can appear rainbows and unicorns to some of us, given how pressured we are from the world around us. Productivity and efficiency lie at the crux of everything we are expected to perform. If you haven’t heard, there’s a Chinese proverb that quotes, “You only live once!” This proverb says life should be valued – regardless of where it takes you. Not to mention, the pressure and stress it keeps us through can significantly impact most of our choices. However, it is ideal that we live our lives to the fullest and do things that inspire us.

If in case you find crawling out of bed a hassle, a sip of coffee brewed in passion and vigor can serve you well. And while you are sipping your favorite cup of coffee, here’s a list of takeaways you should consider to follow your dreams.  

Life of Zero Regrets

One of the worst feelings in the world is that of regret. If you disagree, imagine this: You are in your eighties – retired and having a soul still as vibrant as that of a kid. You have aspirations you couldn’t work on during your youth, and now that you are certainly not in your best shape to work on them, you are only left with regrets. This is why it is crucial that you don’t take the idea of living your dreams for granted and strive with every inch of your body to do the things you love. 

Stay Motivated

When you do things you love, your motivation is likely to increase. This happens because it gives you a chance to look forward to the things that inspire you. On days when you have nothing to look forward to, your dreams and passions help you crawl out of your bed without any trouble. That is, you stay cheerful, happy, and elated – doing the things that inspire, lift and motivate you through and through.  

Improved Mental and Physical Health

One of the strategies to live life to the fullest is to follow your passions. Reason? Your passions and dreams act as the stimulants that increase your productivity, much like caffeine enhances dopamine – the feel-good chemicals – within your brain. Let’s take examples from some of the corporate world’s biggest giants to get to the gist of it. In their aspiration to improve employee satisfaction, they prioritize giving them the kind of environment that fulfills their passion and keeps them inspired during their working hours.  

Bottom Line

The next time you are about to forsake your dreams, ask yourself a few of these questions: 

  • What is that I am forsaking for not following my dreams?
  • Is the work that I do keeping me motivated to follow my dreams? 

If you realize your dreams are worth more than you think on answering these questions, you’re surely missing out on a lot in life. So, take this as your daily reminder to follow your dreams! You can do it!  

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