Things That Make Me Productive

Things That Make Me Productive

Before you go on with pouring another cup of coffee for yourself, ponder over the purpose of drinking coffee and caffeine consumption. It brings about the question of why is everyone so obsessed with productivity? And why is the endless list-making never enough for productivity requirements? 

Living the hyper-digitalized age and besieged with digital distractions, staying focused on your task and accomplishing it easy said than done. The struggle for more productive workdays can be overwhelming. On the other hand, it has led to the creation of misconceptions about what productivity actually is. It is not all about ticking off the daily task or pushing yourself to get done with assigned work somehow—it is the opposite of what productive people do. In its true essence, productivity is about maximizing the output quality in the available time.

The dilemma of being consistently productive is that you can be productive overnight.  It requires figuring out and executing the habits of disciplined practices and adjustments to the way you work. Keep in mind that there will be days when you will struggle with achieving any target. Take that time as a recovering phase.

Focus on what matters

Worried about the never-ending to-do list? Well, it wouldn’t be right of us to ask you not to worry—the to-do list is the second most feared thing, accredited to the ever-spreading coronavirus, which remains at the top. Your workday revolves around that to-do list as you go on to ticking off each task as you crave another cup of coffee. Now with the steaming-hot coffee in your hand, try focusing on what’s important and get it done the first thing. Take sufficient time, plan the approach to complete the task, and commit to your set timeline. Getting on this habit might take time, but regular practice of focus can benefit you with better performance and improved productivity.

Scheduled Breaks

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The term schedule here refers to planning out your break. Since the surrounding distractions are enough to keep anyone out of focus, adding an unnecessary break time could have poor impacts. Sitting in front of the screen for a longer duration could really hurt your head as working continuously can actually impact your creative and productive flair. Instead, take timed breaks and go on a walk to breathe in some fresh air. Grab some snacks, juices, or fresh fruits to keep your mind and body hydrated and well-fed. Manage your lunchtime, read a book or just sit with someone to have a good time. You will come back active, more efficient, and productive.

Morning time

We know, we know nobody likes to wake up in the morning. But you know what’s the biggest productivity killer—checking your work emails the first thing in the morning. We know you want to start early and finish early, but take some time for yourself in the morning before going to work. Treat yourself with a healthy breakfast and meditate to ease the stress and put your mind at rest. Get to know what’s new in the world nowadays, or check in the newsletter of the magazine you subscribed to ages ago. Going to work with a fresh mind, recharged energy levels, and a full stomach will serve as the productivity fuel for the rest of the day. 

Tackle the difficult ones before lunch

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Utilize the fresh and restored morning energy to get done with the most challenging tasks of the day. In case you have meetings and conferences lined up, make sure to schedule for the afternoon. It will allow you to focus on the difficult tasks effectively while enabling you to be focused and stress-free for the meeting. Keep the projects with extended deadlines to be the last thing on your to-do list so that all your concentration is focused on the urgent and important ones. 

Signing off

Over the years, we all have established certain productivity-killing habits, including the sickening addiction with continuously checking social media. On the other hand, increasing productivity requires a highly personalized as there is no one way of doing that. Maybe identifying your peak working hours and effective task planning could do wonders for your productivity.

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