What Gets You Up In The Morning?

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Let’s take a close look at some of the common motivations that stimulates people to look forward to starting a new day. The purpose is to gauge how there are different sources of inspiration, encouraging different people in the world to accomplish different goals in life!

The Opportunity to Grow and Learn Something New

Some people are genuinely invested in personal grooming and work on self-awareness to grow on a personal and professional level. They take every day as a new learning opportunity that can potentially broaden their horizons and educate them on various subject matters. 

People who look at a brand-new day as an opportunity to explore fresh perspectives on affairs they were previously unaware about, are the ones who make it far in life. Such people are driven by the sole motivation to know better so they can act better and enhance their personality to a point where their aura shines in a room crowded with people. 

Their growth isn’t stunted because they’re open to learning and are ready to take on any challenge life poses at them. The motivation to act as better people and focus on personal growth over materialistic gains is what sets them apart from others. 

Career Goals

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Some people are extremely career-oriented; they prioritize reaching newer heights of success at their workplace as opposed to settling down for marriage or sitting at home being unproductive. They are inspired by renowned figures who have carved a name for themselves in their respective industry and aim to follow into their footsteps to achieve the same stature and reputation. 

For example, an aspiring actor looks up to Al Pacino and gets up every day in the hopes of acting like him one day. An entrepreneur would draft business strategies in the hopes of expanding his company the way Jeff Bezos did. Such people are motivated by successful people and get up every day to transform their dreams into a reality. 

Providing for Your Children And/or Parents

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There are people in the world who work day and night with the sole motivation of providing a comfortable lifestyle to their parents or children. They’re determined to work as hard as is required to be able to afford an extravagant life for their loved ones, especially if they were deprived of material luxuries in their own lives. Some of them are parents, struggling to get ahead in their jobs to earn an adequate amount that helps them pay their children’s university fees and the utility bills. Some of them are students working alongside their studies, trying to pay off the student loans themselves so there isn’t an additional financial burden on their parents. Regardless, these people put their best foot forward and their motivation to excel in life is based on selfless pursuits.

Motivation to Bring About Change

There are people in the world who wake up every day wanting to bring a change in the society. They’re cognizant of the sufferings, injustices and cruel realities of the world and wake up with the motivation to change the system. They’re fearless people who aim to break stereotypes, stand up against the oppressive systems in the society and help the local community. They look for a meaningful purpose of life and are driven to make the world a better place to live in.  

To Sum It Up

If you actually put your mind and thought to it, the question “what gets you up in the morning?” doesn’t have any right or wrong answers; it’s simply subjective to the person answering. It isn’t necessary that everyone will identify or resonate with your motivation to get up and work because each individual has a unique set of goals that inspires him or her to wake up and start a productive day. 

For some, the motivation is to excel in their respective career prospect, while for others, it is all about protecting their loved ones in the blanket of financial security. Either way, we’ve shed light on the all the generic and common long-term objectives which drive people to work hard so they can manifest a life they’ve envisioned for themselves and for those related to them.

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