Your Daily Reminder To Never Give Up And Believe in Yourself, No Matter What!

Get up and never give up

An intelligent man once said “a diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure”, and well, we couldn’t have worded it better ourselves.

You have every opportunity to shine as bright as a diamond if you’ve done just well enough to push through the struggling period.

Bill Gates did not make it to the list of Top 3 richest people in the world, running a profitable mega corporation, through sheer luck. Truth be told, no successful figures marked by their valuable contributions in history had success served to them in a platter that changed their fate overnight- they worked to their optimum potential and beyond to accomplish the goals they envisioned for themselves. In order to achieve your life-long’s objectives, you have to ensure there is productivity, hard work, a never give up attitude and sincerity incorporated seamlessly in your work ethic. 

We know we know; these clichéd ideas are inspiring to read about and much harder to execute. But you have to acknowledge that being on top is no walk in the park- in fact, it’s like running in a long-distance race at your best speed, competing against people world over who are also running at their finest pace. Sometimes, despite putting in all the efforts, you’re overtaken by an opponent and that’s alright. Facing failure is part and parcel of life but what is unacceptable, is giving up!

We want this blog to remind you of your intrinsic desire to do well; to be productive, not give up and restore your faith in the notion that when life throws challenges, you have the strength to tackle them and how.

All Things Are Possible if You BELIEVE

(except perhaps putting toothpaste back in its container once you’ve squirted it all out)

Put yourself in others’ shoes: would you near and dear ones be happy with your potential going to waste? It’s a privilege to be surrounded by encouraging family, friends and peers, so before you think of giving up, think of them. If you choose to quit, you’re not just letting down yourself, crushing your dreams and ambitions but also the letting down expectations of those who recognize the potential in you.

So, for them and more importantly for yourself, keep grinding till you achieve your goals and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Start your morning with a good cup of coffee and think of ways you can make your day ahead productive. 

Believing in yourself is that key secret step that solidifies your pathway to ultimate success. If you strongly believe in your abilities, you’ll find yourself overcoming any and every obstacle life has in store for you.  

As the saying goes- if you can dream it, you can achieve it. This should be your motto as well.

Think of where we would be as a society if discoverers and inventors gave up. Let’s assume, we resided in 21st century with no automobiles, stable source of communication or technology. You can’t even imagine it, can you? Fortunately enough, you don’t have to. There have been millions of dreamers before you who didn’t give up, materialized what they envisioned and today their success stories are recalled world over for everyone to take inspiration from. 

Let’s take a case in point of the pioneers of aviation, the Wright Brothers. When they expressed their plan to introduce a “flight”, people around them thought it was time to admit the brothers into a mental asylum. Groundbreaking ideas are met with ridicule and shock at first but if you have enough faith and confidence in yourself to execute them the Wright Brothers did, nothing stands in the way of you and your goals. 

Imagine walking from the New York to Sydney, covering the distance of miles and oceans, just by walking. You’re laughing now but rationally speaking think of what choice we’d be left with if this revolutionary invention didn’t occur to anybody. The Wright Brothers ensured that their idea morphed from theory to reality and had they given up on it, the world would not have been the same.

“The Cost of Not Following Your Dreams, is Spending the Rest of Your Life Wishing You Did”

Let us tell you about a feeling that’s stronger than the feeling of disappointment and failure: regret. Close your eyes and imagine yourself at the age of 80, alone and bed-ridden. Think from the perspective of your future-self. Given you’re not happy with the way you lived and what you made out of life, you have no one but yourself to blame for it. At that point you would wish you made better choices when you had the time. 

Thus, if you make excuses now, let go of opportunities that come your way or become complacent in the monotony of life, chances are feelings of regret will overpower your conscience over time. Start taking active control of your decisions right now and make the most of golden opportunities that knock on your door to avoid a lifetime of questioning “what could have been”.

Your Take Away From This:

Let your aspiration, hunger and thirst motivate you to acquire the sweet taste of success, to never give up and to keep striving towards your achieving your goal.

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