Get to know Dimokaya!

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Dimokaya Coffee Company is coffee retail (online) store offering specialty coffee to its valued customers. The name takes its roots from a Tagalog phrase "'di mo kaya", meaning "you can't!" The expression is basically a mild taunt by the person who achieved something you couldn't – the kind of a taunt that pushes you to actually do it and prove them otherwise!

This is what Dimokaya wishes to offer from its quality range of coffee! That everything is achievable if you have the will for it. And that you just need the right mindset to achieve something – and of course, your daily dose of motivation, to actually set fire to this world's stage, achieving milestones after another, all while sipping a cup (or two) of coffee, filled with the goodness of motivation and inspiration to help you through a lazy day. 

Our Vision

To place Dimokaya as a leading one-stop coffee shop bringing you your daily doses of richness and caffeinated coffee. Our goal is to help you challenge yourself every time someone comes at you, saying, "di mo kaya!" 

That is, we want you to face them in the eye, sip your dose of coffee, and do as you may even when the odds don't seem to be in your favor!

Our Mission

By serving you specialty coffee, we aspire to inspire and motivate you every day from the time you wake up to when you sleep! We want you to kickstart your day with positive energy, leisurely sipping your dose of motivation and inspiration through our caffeinated coffee!

You Inspire Us!

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You are at the heart of our services – we aspire to improve constantly in order to cater to our customers. When you drink our coffee – you feel as though a lightning bolt has just hit you, making you all up and awake to start your work and day with an attitude of an all-achiever!

The specialty coffee we offer to you is enriched with quality, inspiration, and the zest you need to put your dreams into reality. Our top-notch quality coffee beans come all the way from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, to Ethiopia and are roasted in New York, USA.

If your days haven't been inspiring you lately, give Dimokaya coffee a Sip! You will feel a brainwave inside your head that will boost you, locking your procrastination somewhere in the deep pits of a jungle so that it doesn't come in the way of your goals.

Who Do We Cater to?

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If you are a student freshly enrolled in a high school, college, or a university – Dimokaya caters to you! Whether you want to stay awake for a mock, mid-terms, quizzes, weekly tests, or annual exams – our caffeinated coffee will motivate you enough to stay awake and study till you're ready to give it your best shot.


Sleep can sometimes come in the way of your dreams, goals, and aspiration. If it has been happening a lot with you, give our coffee a shot. Its flavorsome taste and nutritious quality will energize you, rejuvenate your mind and motivate you to do better than before, helping you to stick to your workaholic nature!


According to workplace productivity infographics, productivity is a major concern for employers in offices!

All those professionals striving to make ends meet – whether working in a reputable company or not, our coffee is especially for you! It motivates you, keeps you productive enough to manage your tasks efficiently during a hectic day at work.


Specialty Coffee

Dimokaya offers you specialty coffee, bringing you top-notch quality coffee beans from all around the globe. We are collaborating with the world's best coffee suppliers to bring you specialty coffee. Our goal is to help you enjoy your morning the right way, and that's what our specialty coffee helps you achieve!

Fast Shipping

With our diligent team working round the clock, we offer you quick services. We are fast and efficient in our coffee-offering services. The team at, Dimokaya ensures that our coffee reaches you in no time – serving you with the extra richness of coffee beans every morning!

Our offerings include:

  • Flavorful Coffee
  • Whole and Ground Coffee Beans
  • Affordable Prices

We Aspire to Keep You Healthy!

Coffee contains caffeine – a substance consumed to keep us less tired and energetic. Medical research and studies suggest, it burns fats and increases your metabolic rate by 3 to 11%. To put further, this psychoactive substance increases your performance levels and is likely to decrease the risks of type 2 Diabetes to 23% to 50%.

Keeping all such facts in mind, we started Dimokaya – a coffee retail shop! Knowing coffee consumption to have several benefits – coffee drinkers are less likely to have Parkinson's and Alzheimer's than those who don't, we envisioned Dimokaya to promote our customer's health in its utmost capacity.

What are you waiting for?

set of pour over scale dimokaya coffee

Get a delightful cup of goodness and start your day with our fragrant and perfectly-textured coffee!