Prove Them Wrong - Single Origin Coffee - Ethiopia

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12 oz. 5 lbs.
Whole Bean Ground

Fresh roasted weekly!

We get access to our top-notch aromatic coffee from our friends who get it from Ethiopia. We did not end up opting for this coffee straight away. We tried a broad range of Ethiopian coffees and meticulously made the decision to choose this one because its flavor tantalized our taste buds like none other.  This coffee entails a unique flavor profile that we guarantee you will not be able to find elsewhere. It has a juicy aftertaste, which makes it an unrivaled coffee type that has its niche of coffee lovers. Don’t wait any longer, and get yourself a warm fuzzy cup of goodness that keeps you coming back for more. We truly hope that after each sip you take, you feel motivated to prove those wrong who have ever cast doubt on your skills and capabilities! 

A little historical context behind the coffee is that it is handpicked after more than 400 farmers deliver their cherries. From there, it’s fermented for 48 hours and then dried for up to 15 days on raised beds. The fact that sorted by hand delineates the effort we put into ensuring that the quality of this G1 coffee is supreme.

Origin: Ethiopia
Altitude:2000 - 2200m
Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom
Process: Washed
Roast: Light - Medium
Flavor Profile: Juicy, Milk Chocolate, Ripe Fruit